2017年2月16日 星期四

mpv 0.24版本更新 Linux和OSX中高質素播放器

MPV是Linux系統發展起來建基於mplayer2和MPlayer的播放器,近乎無任何元件既極簡潔介面成為佢既特色之一,另外支援OpenGL既高質素影像輸出,令MPV成為Linux同OSX(mac os)中一個代表高畫質既播放器。

MPV player亦支援多種檔案格式mp4、mkv、avi、ts等;多種影像壓格式x264/avc、x265/hevc、vp9、xvid等;不同音訊格式mp3、aac、flac等,所以支援極多影片或聲音檔案。




Windows: allow snapping to screen edges (#2248)
macOS: add border cycling (#2430)
player: add experimental C plugin interface
player: add experimental stream recording feature (--record-file)
player: add prefetching of the next playlist entry (--prefetch-playlist; does NOT work with URLs resolved by youtube-dl)
stream_lavf: add support for data URIs (#4058)
vaapi: add support for 10-bit video formats (requires patched Mesa and capable hardware)
x11: pseudo HiDPI scaling
Options and Commands
sub: add --sub-justify and --sub-ass-justify options
sub: add option to force using video resolution for image subtitles (--image-subs-video-resolution)
command: rename framedrop properties
drop-frame-count → decoder-frame-drop-count
vo-drop-frame-count → frame-drop-count
input.conf: change "L" to change loop-file by default
--hwdec-preload (replaced with --opengl-hwdec-interop)
options: drop deprecated --sub-codepage syntax
options: drop deprecated --vd/--ad codecs selection features
player: remove --stream-capture option/property
Fixes and Minor Enhancements
Windows: update the fullscreen state on restoring
ad_spdif: fix obscure cases of AC3 passthrough (e.g. 44100 Hz AC3)
ao_oss: use --audio-device if --oss-device isn't set (#4122)
build: fix --disable-gl if cuda is enabled
build: rpi: rely on pkgconfig for compiler flags to ease cross compilation
charset_conv: fallback to interpreting subs as latin1 if iconv fails
charset_conv: fix "auto" fallback with uchardet not compiled (#3954)
client API: fix freeze when destroying mpv_handle before mpv_initialize
client API: fix mpv_set_property() return value before init (#3988)
command: fix potential crash for script-binding with multi-commands
command: nicer OSD formatting for loop-file
command: shorten long playlists on OSD
config: do not resolve default profile during "include" processing (#4024)
cuda: fix 10 bit decoding
cue: accept lower-case cue commands (#4057)
demux_mkv: any reference makes a frame not a keyframe (fixes seeking in WebM files with alpha channel)
lavfi: slightly better disconnected output handling (#4118)
lua: close directory after reading its entries (#4045)
macOS: consistent normalization when searching for external files (#4016)
macOS: don't change Space on quit in fullscreen (#3957)
macOS: don't constrain window frame for fullscreen (#4044)
macOS: don't init displaylink on reconfig (#4031)
macOS: fix build on OS X 10.9 (#3946)
macOS: fix color profile retrieval
macOS: fix displaylink refresh rate retrieval
macOS: fix dropping of files and URLs (#4036)
macOS: fix handling of geometry option (#3867)
macOS: fix unwanted behavior with window level other than the default (#1757, #1884)
macOS: fix window size in certain circumstances
macOS: properly recover from toggleFullscreen fail (#4035)
osc: allow playlist buttons when looping (#4092)
osc: bottom/topbar: clip title instead of stretching
osc: bottombar/topbar: make chapter markers slightly bigger
osc: box: clip with ellipsis after too much stretching
osc: fix crashes related to field eventresponder being nil (#3210)
player: add .scc subtitle extension
stream_bluray: use proper 0-based index
sub: remove .txt as text subtitle extension
tv: fix segfaults on TV input (#4096)
vaapi: set libva > 0.39.4 message callbacks to prevent it from printing messages to the terminal
vd_lavc: improved fallback behavior for --hwdec=cuda (#3914)
vdpau: reject decoding of non-4:2:0 (would decode to garbage)
vf_lavfi: don't crash with VOs without hardware decoding support (#4064)
vo_opengl, vo_opengl_cb: better hwdec interop backend selection
vo_opengl: angle: rewrite with custom swap chain (fixes problems with e.g. 24 fps video on 24 Hz monitors, avoids problems with DirectComposition, enables "screenshot window" command on Windows 8 and newer)
vo_opengl: partially fix rotation for 4:2:2 content
vo_opengl: x11egl: fix alpha mode
wayland: fix high CPU usage with mpv paused and visible
ytdl_hook, edl: implement pseudo-DASH support
ytdl_hook: add non-dash fallbacks to default formats
ytdl_hook: fix opening rtmp stream
ytdl_hook: respect --no-audio, don't force-select track
ytdl_hook: support livestream segmented DASH VODs
ytdl_hook: support segmented dash
This listing is not complete. Check DOCS/client-api-changes.rst for a history
of changes to the client API, and DOCS/interface-changes.rst for a history
of changes to other user-visible interfaces.

A complete changelog can be seen by running git log v0.23.0..v0.24.0
in the git repository or by visiting either

v0.23.0...v0.24.0 or




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